Maximum number of videos in a playlist

What is the maximum number of videos allowed in a single playlist? I believe I’ve hit the limit because I can’t add any more videos to my playlist. If I remove a video, I can add one to the playlist.

Is this a soft limit that could be bumped / increased?

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At the moment this is 500 videos / list. Do you have that many videos in your list?

I’m seeing we have 996 videos in our list

I just checked it once more. The limit is actually 1000 items per list. So i assume you are hitting that limit and can therefore not add more items. How many more items would you need?

Yeah I am hitting that limit and not allowed to add more videos.

Selfishly, I’d ask for 2,000 but I suppose I’d take whatever you’re willing to bump it up to :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback. The issue here is that some browsers will have problems rendering very long lists. They might get slow and even crash. We are working on a system where long lists are displayed in chunks and not all items at once. Once that is ready we can raise the limit as well. Thanks for your understanding!

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Is there a projected timeline on the increase of playlist limit :slight_smile:

It seems like a simple thing but it requires some bigger changes to the way the UI is rendered. Therefore i can not promise you a timeline at the moment. Im sorry…

Any updates on this ticket?