Loving the Site, and Hope it gets better in Future

Hello Good Day/Evening

Yesterday i found randomly this site and didnt really know that sites like this existed it fits perfectly what i search. I searched a bit around about this sites and found only 2 viable sites that i could use. Watch2gether is my first choice.
Only 1 problem so far i have with Watch2gether is that u cant use Custom links. for the Custom links i read already that it is planned next month so im waiting for that. I read there was a Demo fpr Public Rooms and it stopped duo to problems of bad experiences. Maybe some sort of Spamm or Chat filters could help out there like filter for moderating automaticly like a Bot u see in streaming chats.

What i love about this site is the compact and clean view as compare to the other only viable site for me.
Beside that i guess with some work and support this site could be a great way to watch Together news, Hypes, Series, Movies, Anime, Topics. Or Simply chilling Lounge for people listening to music and other stuff while drawing together or Playing DßD Communitys. And i Hope i can see this site growing in the future good luck =)

( Edited This Post since i digged deeper into this site and cant now waiting for the upcoming custom link feature =) )

Best Regards Avon

Hi Avon,

i appreciate that you took some time to write about you experiences with Watch2Gether. Thanks a lot! I’ll keep you updated about the progress of the new “custom link” feature!


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