Karaoke session with friends

how to have karaoke session with friends

Here’s how we do it:

Get Zoom and have your friends also get it. It’s free.

Start a meeting in Zoom and a room in Watch2gether.

Send links to both to your friends.

One of you (whoever makes the rooms) will be hosting it, which means the one making the playlist on watch2gether.

while someone is singing, everyone who isn’t singing should mute their mics.

song requests best sent via chat.

A few notes: the more friends you have at once, the more likely it is that lag will put song out of sync. I have not found a way around this, other than to not have too many people on at once. Also you may have to search a bit for a good copy of a karaoke song, as major karaoke companies block their youtube videos from being watched through watch2gether (like karafun)

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Thanks a lot for writing this down!!

Hey everyone - I’m confused why I need a Zoom room at all in order to host a karaoke party. Watch2gether has both video and audio, what is the Zoom room for?

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Good question :slight_smile: I guess Zoom is a bit better with large group calls where everyone has their webcam enabled. Cam usage is limited to 10 users / room on Watch2Gether however for video sync / chat you can have hundreds of users per room.

Watch2Gether is almost a very good way to do virtual Karaoke for <10 people with the video chat. A little added functionality might make it great and certainly worth paying for. There is obviously a small delay between the video content song and the video chat singer. The only current option is to minimize the volume on the video. However, while the video chat voice quality is good enough, but you cannot hear the background music coming through with the singer. If the listeners could delay the video content feed with a slider, they could sync the video chat voice singer with the video content music timing for a much better sounding Karaoke. I know you cannot be all things to all people. The sound quality for w2g + Zoom is not much better. Thanks.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Such a manual sync option is possible but i’m not sure if it would be easy enough to operate for the users. Does it work when singers simply turn up the volume of the video on their side and watchers turn it down on their end?

I agree that some users would not be able to figure out a manual sync option. Instead of a slider perhaps arrows (a tenth of a second) and double arrows (a second) that delay or jump ahead similar to some of the features on some streaming services.

We played around with it for several hours Saturday night. I was using 2 computers at my place and had a remote user on his computer. We did try the things you suggest, turning the volume down on the video, turning the volume up on the singers video chat, turning the video volume up on the singers computer. I think the issue is that microphones in mobile devices have become pretty good at filtering out background noise and enhancing voice quality.

There would almost definitely be benefits if everyone had a better microphone/recording device and a better/separate sound system for playing the video music.

Thank you for your consideration.