I've been unable to use Watch2Gether on Chrome & FireFox

Hi all,

So for the past 6 months or so, I’ve been unable to use watch2gether on anything other than Microsoft Edge.

The video on chrome/Firefox doesnt play unless I press the middle play button to which i can only pause with the middle button and i can’t skip the video. It also will only that video which it starts on and nothing else. If someone skips the video I will not see the change and it will still show me the default video.

I moved on to Microsoft Edge but it’s highly inconvenient for me.

Anyone else had this issue?

Thanks for your feedback! Do you have the “Popper Blocker” Extension installed? - > Issues with Popper Blocker Browser Extension

I don’t know if it’s because i made an account or because i disabled my popup blocker but it’s working, thanks for the super quick response!

Actually just checked it was the pop up blocker extension, thanks for your advice! I just wish I had asked 6 months sooner!

i have same issue on Chrome use to work but doesn’t anymore

Hi @shayla234 do you have the popper blocker extension installed? See => Issues with Popper Blocker Browser Extension

Merci beaucoup j’avais la même chose