Is it possible to expand chat box

Hi…A few months ago, the chat box filled the whole height of the right column…then it got shorter and shorter, and now it only shows 2 lines for me. (5 lines if i click the square thing to pop out the chat) Am I doing something wrong? Is it possible to fix it or is it only available to paying members? Thanks

screenshot here:

Thanks a lot for getting in touch. I just removed an element and there should be more space now! By the way: Which screen resolution are you using? It looks really quite cramped on your screen and i would like to reproduce this.

On a side note: When you subscribe to Watch2Gether +PLUS you are not only supporting the development of Watch2Gether but you will also have much more space on the right since the ad space on top of the chat is being removed :slight_smile: Check out => Watch2Gether - Watch Videos together

Thank you! The chatbox can now fit 6 lines when not popped out. Popping the chat out makes it a tiny bit worse now. (5 lines) And I didn’t realise that space was for an ad, makes more sense now.

My size of text/apps/other items:150%(recommended)
Display resolution: 1920x1080(recommended)

Thanks a lot for the details. I assume the 150% Zoom makes the difference. Do you know the physical size of your screen? (in Inch or Centimeter)

It should be a 13 inch screen

Thanks a lot. You should now have much more space available on your screen. Check it out!

Oh wow, thanks so much!! Guess I should have posted here sooner :sweat_smile:

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