Inconsistent Syncing

Absolutely appreciate the fact that watch2gether exists because I constantly use this on a day to day basis to watch videos with my friends. However, we mainly watch anime on anime sites and there are days the site syncs just fine while majority of the time it tells us the site is out of sync. What is the reason for this and can you figure out a way to fix this?

You are using the W2gSync feature, right? You can sent me the links that are not working in a private message an I have a look.

Yes, we’re using the W2gSync feature. These are two of the most common sites we use that has out of sync problems

In general this kind of warning is being displayed when the URL of the site changes through a redirect. Some sites add additional parameters to an URL but the video content stays the same. This case is not very well handled by the extension yet but it should be fixed with one of the next updates.