Importing playlist dosent work anymore?

I cant find the import playlists button on the playlist manager!

You can paste a link to a public playlist into the search bar at the top and hit enter. You’ll see an important button next to the search results after that.

Hello. Sorry if this seems like a stupid question, but is the playlist manager the small window that appears after you press the gear icon? Because I also don’t see where to import a playlist because in that window I only have a delete option for existing playlists. I do not see how I could import a playlist from there.

Also when I’ve set the search bar to youtube and paste the link to a playlist or a video in a playlist, it returns no search results so I can’t import it from there either.

Actually nevermind. Upon further investigation I discovered that the problem was being caused by blocking 3rd party cookies. Allowing them fixed the search results and now I can see the “import playlist” button. However I still do not see how they can be added through the playlist manager.

I think the confusion comes from outdated documentation. There used to be an option in the playlist manager from where you could import playlists. The new concept let’s you paste the playlist link into the search bar and you can import using the button you mentioned. I make sure to update the docs asap.