How to use W2gSync

Hi! My girlfriend and I tried watching Hulu with W2gSync, but I don’t think the video was syncing properly. We noticed that my video was about 2 minutes ahead of hers, and when her video got to the commercial in Hulu, she would be seeing the video of the commercial but hearing the audio from where I am at in the TV show. When I tried to pause so her video could catch up to mine, both of our videos kept pausing/playing and we couldn’t seem to figure out how to get both to play in sync.
Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!

Thanks for your feedback! I haven’t tested W2gSync with Hulu yet but i’ll try to look into it!

<-- we are trying to use this site to watch an old movie but it doesn’t show any video. Does it not register the site or am i doing something wrong?

Thanks, I’ll look into that tomorrow!

Any updates on using Hulu?

I’ve had some very quirky results using Amazon. Sometimes when I go on to the next video, it works just fine – but sometimes it gets into a loop where it thinks I’m at the end of the video and I’ve occasionally been skipped ahead multiple episodes as it kept jumping to the end of the video. Ideas?

Additionally, I’ve also gotten some odd effects sometimes where one person stays paused rather than jumping to where I am – or just keeps pausing and has to unpause (this might have been an attempt to slowsync? BUt if so it should be much more obvious that that’s what’s happening).

Thanks a lot for your feedback! With how many persons did you use W2gSync?

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Hello, the extension worked good for a year, but now suddenly it broken. It opens an empty window and browser tab with video, and when I am trying to link any of that, in both ways video is not synchronized.
But for my friends it’s all work as usual.

Which browser are you using?

I am using Google Chrome

Does this happen with videos from one specific site of with all websites you try?

it suddenly stop working on all websites.

Can you try to disable all other extensions that you have installed and check if that makes a difference?

Hey, when my friend clicks on “open” it says “403 Forbidden”. What does it mean? What can he do to get it to work?

@user_95f53b7185f71fb Is it possible to hide the Play/Pause toolbar? The green toolbar is a little bit irritating while watching a video. :confused:

Not right now… but i thought about it already as well!

@user_95f53b7185f71fb well then, where I have to submit my feature request? :joy:

EDIT: Found it.:relaxed: See: Add support for hiding the Play/Pause toolbar in W2gSync

Hello I’m trying to watch a movie my girlfriend and I tried so much for this but it can’t come …and I want to watch this movie with my friend I’m so disappointed that it’s not working please I want to watch this film anyhow !!!

Thanks for your feedback. Can you please send a link to the video to ?