Got IP banned

I´ve been using Watch2Gether exessively with my friends in the past 2-3 months now, but today after opening the site it first said: “The website you´re looking for does not exist.” After trying several times the error turned into: "Error 1006, Access denied. The owner of this website ( has banned your IP address. Have i done something wrong or is that intended?

Thanks in advance, Naski

Right after writing this request, i refreshed the site and it seems normal again. Anyway i would be interested what has gone wrong.
Thanks in advance, Naski

Hi Naski, thanks a lot for your feedback. This is an automated system to protect the site against malicious behaviour. Most likely it was a false alarm in your case. Can you tell me what you did before you got banned? Did you try to do something on the site at a very high frequency (like adding many items to a playlist very quickly) I appreciate your feedback, it will help to fine tune the system for the future.

Ok, that might be the case. I wonder why you could no access the site in the first place. Hope that does no happen again. Let me know otherwise!