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Since I’m in a long distance relationship, my boyfriend and I use Watch2gether to listen to music and stuff and we end up creating REALLY awesome playlists that I want to share with other people without giving them access to our watch2gether room. **ALSO IT’D BE REALLY NICE if rooms could be password protected just saying! then I could have a private room for all my feely stuff and a public room for my friends… just throwing that one out there too.

Does anyone know if there is a way to export a playlist that is created on watch2gether, to youtube?

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Thanks a lot for your feedback! I think its a great idea to create an option which allows users to share playlists with others on Watch2Gether. I’ll think about it and how it could be implemented… Regarding export: At the moment there is not really a standard for these kind of cross platform playlists. It would not make much sense to export to Youtube when the playlist contains videos from Vimeo or audio from Soundcloud as well…

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so for clarity, can another user look up my profile/user and gain access to another room I have that way? or do people need a direct url? I would like to at least have two rooms, one public and one private. importing play lists between them would be a super cool feature!

No another user can not look up rooms that you have. You have to explicitly give them the link to the room if you want them to have access.

hey, any progress on this?

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