Dissappearing chat boxes.(chat history)

we frequently used w2g between years 2019 and 2021 with my girlfriend.
in that times there was a addition that no matter how many messages on chat you take or sent you were always able to see oldest messages.(message boxes was not dissappear after new ones came.)
but as i can see with that new version old messages dissappears after 20 or 30 message box.

so my question now is ;
-is there any way to bring this addition back ?
-if there isn’t is there anyway that w2g crew make this happen ?
-or is there any way for me to download old versions of w2g

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Thanks a lot for your feedback. This was a change to improve performance on slower systems. Can you explain why it’s important for you to see the old messages?

it was kinda special for me and my loved.
i was archiving our good memories and all the stuff we talked :slight_smile:
and i also remember how it slowed my system after long hours of chatting.but if you might consider turning this addition into an option it would be awesome…(by an option i meant we can turn it on and off whenever we want)

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I understand :slight_smile: I will check if i can bring back a better chat history in one of the next versions!


thank u so much for considering this.it means a lot…