Disconnecting issues

Me and my friends get disconnected from the room randomly, without getting warning of any sort. It’s is very frustrating as it happens every less than 5 mins, so each time I play new video we all have to refresh the page to make sure we’re all synchronised and connected. This is not a new issue; it first started about a month ago and still bugs us all. Please fix it already, thank you.

Thanks for reporting this! I wasn’t aware of these problems. How are you connected to the Internet? Do you have other problems with your internet connection? Are there more users in this forum who experience the same issue?

I use watch2Gether with friends regularly, and we all have this issue, most of us are connected via ethernet directly to router, but in my case I use wifi. We do not have any internet issues, it’s just this website, and as I said it’s been a while since this started to occur.

P.S. I was watching a few videos today, and we weren’t disconnected even once so far, have you already did something to fix the issue? I’ll let you know if we run into any other problems.

Thanks once more for your feedback. I’m having problems to reproduce this issue. Does it make a difference when you use a device which is connected via cable to your router? And where are you located?

Thanks for more details. Disconnected means that you see a popup message telling you have to reload the browser?

I will update a backend system next week which could have an impact on your issue. I will let you know once this is done so that you can test it out.

The change has been done. Do you still have problems with disconnections?

I rolled out another change today. Can you give me some feedback if you still experience this issue?

Thanks once more for your input. Can you send me an email to florian@watch2gether.com I will try to setup a test case that might bring us closer to a solution.