Detect changes in available devies

When a new device appears (or disappears) users currently have to refresh w2g. This isn’t really necessary, since the media devices api exposes an ondevicechange hook you can use.

It would be great to handle this properly. Refreshing the page pretty disruptive. MediaDevices.ondevicechange - Web APIs | MDN

Thanks a lot! I’ll look into this!

This is now implemented. Please give it a try and let me know if it works for you!

It appears to work, but only if I toggle the camera off and on again. Maybe refresh on the menu opening and not the stream starting?

I think this is a permisson issue. You can only fetch the device list when you have permission to do so. Sometimes it’s therefore required to start the camera before you can fetch the list. Which browser are you using to test?

Chrome. I don’t expect it to be a permissions issue, since toggling the camera off and on again in the app (without adjusting any permissions in chrome) is enough to refresh the list.