Default videos keep starting when created a new room. (PLUS member)

Everytime i create a new room, the default video starts even if i’m a PLUS member. How can i get rid of it?

Hi and thanks for getting in touch. In the past the default video was implemented in a way that it would be reset in the room each time the last user left. This way there was a new default video when a room was “re-used”. For +PLUS user rooms this function was disabled. This implementation doesn’t exist anymore but if forgot to update the +PLUS feature list. I’ll update this asap.

What you are seeing now is an initial video when the room is created which is required to initialize the Youtube player since the player can not be used without loading a first video. I hope this helps.


Hi there!
Oh ok, thanks for answering, now it’s clear.


Hi Florian - So am I understanding correctly: even a +PLUS member cannot avoid having that video load in every room? How do I delete it after I have added my own?

Following…I want to know this too.