Custom room URL's

I think it would be awesome if it were possible to have custom URL’s for permanent rooms instead of the default string of letters and numbers that the URL contains. It would make sharing a room so much simpler with other people.


True. I hope that gets added.

Hi and thanks for your feedback. When you save a room, the name get’s added to the URL additionally to the random string. Would like to see only the name in the URL?

If this is possible, preferably. There would most likely have to be a system involved that checks if the URL is available though so if it took a while to implement that’s completely acceptable. Thanks for considering my advice!

Any update on this? Would be much better removing random letters and numbers, replaced with custom url room name

I would like to see custom URL’s as well. At least make it a premium feature so not just anyone can take the url then abandon the channel. If the custom URL is taken but inactive over a certain period of time, it’ll be up for grabs