Confusing to use

Only started using this yesterday, my God this is confusing. We’ve been using it to share music sets on soundcloud and YT, generally it works, but there’s been a few times when a user has clicked on someones icon down the bottom of the screen and they’ve interrupted what was playing. I have looked at the moderation options in settings but not sure what they all do, if I tick one does it mean only I have the power (as room owner) to make changes?

Users are confused when they connect, they get a random user name and it’s not obvious how to set it, also they have to figure out how to turn on their cam and mic, I have to keep telling them, it’s not obvious.

Also I can’t add anything to the playlist, I want to build a list of YT and soundcloud streams so it just plays each one in turn but there’s no “add” button to add anything.

IMHO you need to make this UI easier to use.

Thanks for getting in touch! Most of your questions are answered here: How to use Watch2gether?

(i have to update the screenshots… mea culpa)

How to add video to playlist?

You have to click on the small + icon of a search result item.