Can't see my friend

Hi there,

My friend and I have tried multiple times to enable the webcam and audio while watching together, however each and every time we try we can only see ourselves and not the other. We’ve tried almost everything, but no use.
How can we watch video’s together where we can both see and hear the other?


Thanks a lot for your question. Which browsers and version are you and your friend using? (I would need the info from both of you)

Hi, we’re both using Chrome and both are version 49.0.2623.87 m!

Ok thank you. Could both of you go to and see if the test shows any failures?

Thank you. I made some changes. Can you check if you can see each other now?

Thanks once more for the feedback. Most likely its related to the network connection of one of you. There are some network conditions where Watch2Gether can not establish a video link. How are both of you connected to the internet?