Can't search for "http"

When I enter “http” or a term which starts with “http…” into the search box, the site responds with "No items found… ".

Search terms that start with “http” are considered to be direkt links to videos on one of the supported platforms. A Youtube link for example would return that specific youtube video. What would you like to search for that starts with “http”?

Yes, I know, I’m a developer too. An example case is for example you’re a teacher and you’re showing your class something about the http protocol. You search for “http protocol” and nothing comes up.

A solution I might propose is not to consider every search query that starts with “http” to be a URL. Instead, try parsing the query as an URL (you might use a regex or some library, I don’t know). If the parsing passes successfully, consider this to be a direct link.

Another idea you might implement is to check the URL host in case of successful parsing. If the host is not one of your providers, treat the query as a search query (for example, if I write “” in the YouTube tab, it will search for it and return some results).

Ok i understand your point. Searching for a video about the http protocol is quite rare but its a valid point. The next time i work on the url validation i will take this into consideration!