Cant access website? says connection reset

Hi, a few days ago i havent been able to access w2g at all except through a proxy server , is my region (saudi arabia) blocked or what? please help!

Hi and thanks for getting in touch. Im not blocking access to Watch2Gether and welcome users from all countries. Do you still see this error right now?

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Yup. i tried using other browsers and a different internet connection but it still isnt working

Watch2Gether is using a service called Cloudflare to protect the site against malicious attacs. The downside of this is that the site shares it’s public IP address with other websites that are also using Cloudflare. If one of these websites is banned in your country the ban will also affect Watch2Gether. At the moment there is not much I can do about it. I can assure you that the ban is not initiated by Watch2Gether. I hope you are able to use the site through a VPN?

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Yeah, me too. I’m in Saudi Arabia and it doesn’t work unless I turn in a VPN.

Im sorry to hear that. Does the site work alright through VPN?