Cannot add new youtube videos

For some reason starting a few hours ago I am unable to add youtube videos to my room. I can still add videos from any of the other services but not youtube.

Thanks a lot for letting me know. There was a problem with the Youtube access, which has been resolved. Everything should be working normally again.

i cant load youtube videos on google chrome on mac please help me thank you

Is it still now working for you? I just tested with Chrome 51 on mac and everything was working alright.

It’s Happening again in our room now.
Can you fix the bug again?

It’s the same bug that is in this topic.

Other Sources but youtube work

never mind it works now Thanks!

Thanks for reporting this so quickly! There was indeed a temporary problem with the Youtube integration. Everything should now work again.

I am also having this issue. We use this for music in the background for work. Maybe we just have too much music?

Can you try to disable all of your browser extensions and check if that makes a difference?