Cam feeds might be a bit more broken unless you refresh the site

Hey there Florian, me and my friends have been having alot of technical issues with the site a few days ago and this time it’s related to the webcam feature on your site, some people can see all cams like myself while others can only see a select few on cam until they either refresh or restart their computer. Now the issue has gotten worse to the point that even I have that problem at certain times until I notice it and I refreshed. Can you check this bug out? When it usually happened you would see all the cams on the site freeze until you refreshed and now it’s even worse because some cams will stay active not knowing if you are still cammed up or not and not to mention that your own cam will turn off during a extended period of time but the cam light depending on what computer and what type of webcam you have will stay on. Thank you!

Thanks for your feedback. The cam feature relies on peer to peer network connections between the users. This means there are some limitations to the system. How many users have their cams enabled in your room? Additionally i just restarted a back-end system which might have an impact as well. Maybe you can check if it makes a difference to your group.

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It worked man, Thank you :slight_smile: All cams seem to be really crisp and everyone is mostly happy with the new fix.

Cool, thanks for the feedback!