Bug manage playlist

Since last night I can no longer open the “manage playlists” tab. When I click, it just gives a white window.
Can you help me ?
( Sorry i use google translate )

Are you using Firefox?

Yes, but on another of my W2G pages, I can open it

Can you send my two screenshots to florian@watch2gether.com

  • One screenshot of the page after you tried to open the dialog.
  • One of the browser console after you tried to open the dialog (Right click on the page > Inspect > Select the “Console” Tab)

I’m doing this to you right away

Hello, you did not answer my email, I allow myself to relaunch this topic

I did answer, maybe it went into your spam folder? This is a weird bug and it seems to be related to Firefox’s hardware acceleration. Probably related to a specific hardware / GPU setup. Since I can not reproduce it myself it’s really difficult to debug. But I’ll have another look into it next week.

I allow myself to revive you

Can you check if option number 2 help you in this case? https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/hardware-acceleration-and-windowblinds-crash