Browser extension not working on mobile+

I got my professor to use this site for our class and it went perfectly last week. However, today, when he sends us a link to the room, it takes most of us to the video on bing instead or for the people that did get to the room either through the link or going through alternative methods, most of us got told we needed a browser extension which is fine, except for the people that downloaded it, most of them didn’t work. It didn’t work for anybody on mobile, and even though it told us it was installed, when we went back to the site it told us we still needed it. Then for some people on PC, it then sent them back to the bing site anyways. This site worked super well a few days ago and it would be very unfortunate to need to find an alternative service.

Hi and thanks for getting in touch. Watch2Gether supports a number of video platforms directly (click on the icon next to the search input at the top of the room to see them all) The extension is not needed at all to play content from these services. For other sites you might need the exension which is currently not available for mobile browsers.