Bought subscription for a party. Couldn't voice chat, no video. Cellphone

I paid for the subscription today to host a get together tonight sharing favourite music on YouTube videos. Everyone was on Android cellphones. Everyone could join the room but no one could turn on video or voice chat. I could turn on my video and see myself in a tiny thumbnail, but no one else could see me. We tried for about 20 minutes but needed to get on with the party so instead used a videoconferencing service and I played the YouTube video and others listened to the audio captured by my microphone.They could not see the video. Everyone in the group is very versed in intuitively using cellphone apps. We were a group of 5 and we had no success with W2G tonight.

I also tried using W2G on my laptop but I could not select the webcam. My laptop is setup in a docking station with external monitors and external USB webcam. The only webcam W2G would access is the one on the lid of the laptop which in the docking bay is closed. I could not switch webcams. Other browser based apps let me choose which webcam and mic to use but I could not switch webcams in W2G. Also we could not find any downloadable app in Google Play store, ran W2G in a browser on the cellphones. I’d like to give W2G another try. Tips? Particularly on cellphone.

Hey and thanks for getting in touch! Do you know which browser you were using on your Android phones? I generally agree that the webcam feature can be improved. I’m actually planning to roll out an update for this at the end of next week. Would you like to be a beta tester for this?

Hi Florian
On my Pixel 3 it’s Chrome version 810.4044.138 and appears to be up to date (no pending updates in the Google store). I also checked chrome configuration both in Chrome in genera and for W2G, permissions are enabled for mic, sound and camera. My friend’s phones were a mix of models from Samsung and Huawei.

Sure, I wouldn’t mind being a beta tester. Thanks.

Hello Florian,

Having the same problem on a Pixel 3 phone. Any settings we can change to get video playing.

Thanks in Advance,

Hi… Just for clarification… You are having issues with the web cam video or with the main video in the player?

Sorry, the video player. We are not using the webcam feature.


Hi Ernesto… i think the previous posts were about the webcam feature. So… the video is not playing at all on a pixel 3? Do you see any thumbnail of the video in the player?