Black screen won't disappear


For a few hours now, the transparent black screen that appears for a few seconds when entering a room (new or permanent), won’t disappear at all, yet everything else loads on the page and even the player itself plays whatever video but still the blackness remains.

Just wondered if anyone else is havin’ this trouble or can offer a solution? I’m usin’ the latest version of Chrome btw.

We made some changes to the backend yesterday and it could be that you have experienced problems during this time. By now everything should be ok. Do you still see this problem? I’m still seeing this problem too, no matter what room I enter. Cleaned my cookies. Was working fine all week, though.

I am experiencing a similar problem. I tried clearing out my cookies and signing out and back in but the gray loading screen won’t go away. I can still listen to the videos but I can’t adjust the volume and my friend needs to be in control of the room.

I just turned off my Adblock Plus extension and the blackness is all gone now. How odd.

Hi Mars, that is a good hint. Do you know which filterlist you have configured in Adblock Plus?

@Devlin, do you also have AddBlock Plus installed?

Thanks a lot for your tests, that is really helpful. I will also look into this and what i can do to resolve this incompatibility.

Watch2Gether should now also load with “EasyPrivacy” enabled…

well thres a screen its not black but it keeps saying this video isnt avaliable in my country and it wont go away

But you can play other videos, right?