Android users having problems with website

A few of the people who watch in my group are android users and they are using google chrome to watch the video. They report when they push the wrong button and accidentally leave the video that they can’t get back into the chatroom unless they turn off and on their phone. I’ve asked them if opening a new browser worked and they said it did not work.

Thanks a lot for reporting this issue! What does “can’t get back into the chatroom” exactly mean? The room does not load anymore? They see a black screen or just the loading animation?

The room will no longer load for them.

It seems I was having the problem myself this morning and I have an iPhone. I tried to load the chatroom and would get a blank page. It took 5-6 tries to finally get the page to load properly.

Thanks for the update. I’ll try to reproduce the issue on my android phone, but so far i had no issues to join any room. Does it help to clear the chrome history and cache on the devices that have problems?

She said if she leaves the chatroom and tries to enter it leads her back to her profile and says she can not enter the chatroom.

Could it be that she was banned from the room by the owner? Other than in this case there should be no redirect to the profile page…

I haven’t banned her. At least I hope I hope I haven’t. I don’t remember banning anyone.