An error occured. Please try again later [Playback ID]

As of today, every videos I attempt to play a video on friend’s temporary room, my temporary room, and even an account room loads longer than it should and shows the message “An error occured. please try again later [Playback ID]”

I tried most before I make this report

Completely clearing Google Chrome history, cookies, and cache
Restarting Computer
Playing videos in (works fine)


I have not added or downloaded any sort of thing
Yesterday it was working just fine

Thanks in advance.

None of the youtube videos i want to play are working for me :frowning: an error message keeps popping up

I tried everything you suggested but it didn’t work.
BUT, I have the adblocker plus extension on my browser. Disable it on watch2gether and videos work again for me. Hope this helps!

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Thanks, that fixed it
Unusual how adblocker wasn’t causing problems previously, but all it matters Watch2Gether is now working fine with it paused on the website.

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I had the same problem,
but now my playlist is only on half of height. Do you know how to solve it ?

Thanks for reply.


Thanks a lot everyone for reporting this. Please see Error Loading Youtube Videos

i have this issue too. please update soon!